City Transformation

St Philip's has a vision for the whole city of Sheffield to experience the transforming power of the love of Jesus. As part of our commitment to this we currently have two city-wide projects led by people who are part of St Philip's.  These projects involve partnership with others from different churches across Sheffield who are looking to be involved in this work of transformation.

Prison Chaplaincy: Freedom Behind Bars

This ministry is an established ministry at work in a number of Yorkshire’s prisons, mainly Doncaster Marshgate Prison and Wetherby Young Offenders Institute. This work has been led and pioneered by Ronan Walker and over the course of the last few years many hundreds of men have discovered the freedom that can be found in Jesus.

Put simply, this ministry is our response to Jesus' call to visit those in prison (Matthew 25), a call that comes with the promise of His recognition. It's a promise too beautiful to ignore.

We work behind bars, to reach men with the Gospel. We want to see lives transformed, so that prisons release disciples of Jesus - not repeat offenders. We meet with guys from ages 14-60 and gather prisoners around the Bible for times of raw vulnerability and prayer. 

We come across a wide range of issues, backgrounds and behaviours and we're always struck by the amount of wisdom and revelation that we hear week in week out from inmates as we read the Bible together. 

Emergency Department Pastors

Emergency Department Pastors is a St Philips’ initiative that now has support and volunteers from many churches across the city.

ED Pastors work in the A&E department in Sheffield, they are trained listeners, who provide comfort, support and spiritual care to patients. They are there to meet patients at their point of need, whoever they are and whatever their background. 

The initiative has been running since 2014. It is a great example of partnership, with ED Pastors working alongside the Hospital Chaplaincy Department to the benefit of patients and staff.  The ED Pastors service has gained local notoriety and is currently undergoing its second round of evaluation. 

This project is facilitated by Ben and Amanda Woollard and is set to grow across the U.K. in the coming months and years.  

Once trained, ED Pastors work in the Emergency Department in teams of 2-4 people for 3 hour slots. 

Anyone can apply to be an ED Pastor, but there is a process of application, assessment and training involved. 

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