St Philip's started out life as a band of 12 pioneers up for a missionary adventure. As we've grown and changed we've sought to cultivate that founding spirit. We have always been deeply inspired by some of the great heroes of our faith who over the centuries have gone before us, pursuing radical missionary endeavours close to home and across the globe.

We're committed to Kingdom of God ventures though planting missional communities among unreached people groups across the city and region.

We do this by gathering, training and deploying missionaries and mission teams to creatively, practically and powerfully share the life and message of Jesus with our neighbours. This often involves cross-cultural missional contexts.

In 2014 we changed our name to St. Philip’s after Philip the evangelist that we read about in Acts.  We identified there are a number of aspects of Philip’s identity that we as a community significantly relate to and want to be hallmarks of our shared life together:

  • A people who make sacrifices for the sake of missional effectiveness
  • A people of perseverance who embrace both the joy and the pain of our calling and experiences and yet keep moving forwards
  • A people with a pioneering spirit
  • A people who healthily connect with both the centre and the edge
  • A people committed to the least, the last and the lost
  • A people seeking first the Kingdom of God
  • A people that celebrate unity and diversity within the church
  • A people who are naturally supernatural