Prayer and worship have been an integral part of our story since we started as a church in 2009. From its earliest conception a vibrant prayer room has been at the heart of St Philip's. The location has changed from an attic bedroom to an office block to a former bar-restaurant's toilets but the purpose has remained the same; to pursue God with undivided devotion because He is the 'one thing' worthy of our praise and the one to whom we pray. 

We have taken great inspiration from the Moravians who spawned so many of the houses of prayer and prayer rooms that have sprung up in our day. Our desire has been to become a people of prayer and to reach towards having a 24-7 prayer space in the city. We've named this space The Sanctuary which is located in the heart of our city centre home The Printhouse.

As we have journeyed, we've discovered that the marrying of worship, intercession and the prophetic ministry has underpinned our prayer life together.  As a people committed to bringing transformation through prayer and action, we recognise that prayer fuels mission and that mission fuels prayer.