St Philip's Response To Coronavirus

Image: Global News

St Philip’s has faced many trials in its short history. As we look back we can see that these times have been part of our identity forming. We’re confident that this time too will be part of our making and that out of it God will do something good. Whatever is going on around us it’s really important that we focus on Him and reach out (perhaps in new ways) to others.

Firstly, we are keeping up to date with government and denominational advice. In this light we have made the decision to stop all forms of gatherings until further notice. So, we will not gather in person again on a Sunday, for Friday prayers, for mission outreach or in communities until we are advised otherwise.

However, we’re hoping this is an opportunity for us to develop our online presence. In the coming weeks we hope to experiment with communicating via a number of channels. These will be signposted on this website and our Facebook page.

Let’s all be mindful of those in our circles who may be more vulnerable, either because they are part of the ‘at risk’ category, or they work in the NHS, or because they are living alone.

There is also an opportunity to reach out to others. Why not consider a Neighbourhood WhatsApp Support group or dropping off notes to the elderly or single on your street offering help?

As a church we are starting to wonder together about how God might work for good in this time. We feel God might want to use this time to reset rhythms. God’s desire is always to draw us to him.  Isolation need not always be a negative thing. It is in times of ‘aloneness’ that we are often drawn to God and discover him in a fresh and deeper way.

We have spoken recently about the idea of taking a journey together. The current challenge is an unexpected turn. Often with journeys it’s not always the destination that matters, it’s what happens on the way. As we embrace the chaos and change we pray that in a new way God will draw us into His rest and that our sharing in this challenge will strengthen our relationships with one another and in our communities.

Dave and Sarah.