As a church, we aim to live out our vision and calling by forming dynamic and deep communities of prayer and mission. Before joining a community, one of the best ways of experiencing something of  what St Philip's Church is all about is to come along to one of our Sunday gatherings. Absolutely everyone is welcome at these events, to be inspired and encounter God, to connect with the church, and work out if St Philip's is the place for you! All these gatherings take place at The Printhouse in Sheffield city centre. 

Our pattern of Sunday gatherings is:

Morning Gatherings : 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month

These are times in the month when our whole missionary family comes 'back home' to share stories of their missionary adventures, to be inspired in worship and to reconnect relationally. These are always special times. This gathering begins at 10:15am and is open to all. 

To find out when our next gathering is, have a look at our Events page. During the summer our 'normal' pattern of gatherings can sometimes change so do please check.